• New Year means New Goals, New Resolutions and NEW PRODUCTS!

     NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW! AHHH tis the season for NEW!  For Two Jays, that means the launch of three new Wishing Threads styles! Two Jays proud to ann...
  • Share your uniqueness with Alex Clark Arts!!!

     Ever had one, or several keychains that smack your knee when you’re driving? Yes, that drives me bananas too! Why can’t I carry something cute wi...
  • Carol Wilson's Rose Garden: A Glimpse into the Past

    Do you secretly powder your wig, sing to the birds in the garden, and tell your French subjects to “Let Them Eat Cake”? Do you sit in our shabby ch...
  • Calendars- An Organized Life

    “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” -Albert Einstein As I’ve mentioned one too many times, I ha...
  • Terramundi: The Continuation of Traditions!

    I remember when I was kid, and my parents gave me my very own piggy bank. But this was no traditional bank; it was a talking and moving Darth Vader...
  • Two Jays Framed Calendars

    Here at Two Jays we offer 6 different size calendars 3 different styles of frames, and one frame that has a note pad and a wipe off magnetic board to keeping your thoughts, grocery lists and to-dos organized in one place.
  • Wavertree & London Soap

    With these Wavertree & London soaps, you’ll be super excited to later up in your bath or shower. Or in my grandma’s case, line your dresser drawers.
  • Tall Calendars – A Fresh Start on a New Year

    Two Jays is your one stop shop for a variety of calendars. Today though, I will be sharing a new spin on the traditional wall calendar, our Tall Calendars.
  • Design Design Journals: Design the story of your life

    When you are journaling, you get to tell the story of your day to day life. For lots of people, writing in a journal is a way to memorialize their life, whether it is for them to reflect on later or to pass on to someone else.
  • Scrunchy Face Towels: Funny, Sassy and Cute - the Perfect Blend

    Scrunchy Face towels are GREAT as a gift. There are many references to friends, family and pets so you can find the perfect fit for anyone on your list. Or, of course, as a gift for yourself, because I mean, WHY NOT?
  • Zad Diffuser Necklaces

    Are you hooked on your using your diffuser at home like the rest of us, but want to travel with your favourite essential oils away from your cozy nest?
  • Carol Wilson Rose Garden: Delicate, Intricate and Beautiful

    Carol Wilson’s Rose Garden, sold by Two Jays, is an easy way to share the joy and art of letter writing with friends and family with their unique take on stationary.