Design Design Journals: Design the story of your life

"I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn" – Anne Frank

Ahhh, journaling. One of my favorite pass times. When you are journaling, you get to tell the story of your day to day life. For lots of people, writing in a journal is a way to memorialize their life, whether it is for them to reflect on later or to pass on to someone else. For me, journaling is a way for me to word vomit everything that happens to me, then turn the page and move on- LITERALLY. Whatever the reason someone journals, it is definitely a therapeutic exercise.

For us journal heads, (yup that is what I am calling us), finding the perfect journal is almost as enjoyable as the act of journaling itself. This is after all the story of your life and you need it told in the perfect vessel. Finishing one journal and having another empty one ready is vital. Two Jays is here to help with this step!

Design Journals

Drum roll please… introducing the hard cover journal line made by Design Design! Design Design is a family owned business known for their personal expression products. They are consistently releasing new, tend-setting prints and affordable products to provide pieces you can use to celebrate your day to day life! Their journals are, obviously, no exception! Design Design’s journals are developed as a companion in which you can share your own life’s stories and celebrate each and every day.

Two Jays offers a great collection of Design Design journals. Each journal is about 6”x 8”, the perfect size for you to take with you on your daily adventures; you never have to leave home without it. The journal has a sturdy cover and elastic closure, so you do not need to worry about it getting beat up- life is full of bumps, make sure you have a journal that can handle it. With 160 pages you have lots of pages to freely express yourself, and with a ribbon bookmark you have easy access to the next available page. But my favorite, favorite, FAVORITE feature is that these journals are designed to lay flat when open. GUYS- THAT MEANS YOU DON’T NEED TO HOLD THE BOOK OPEN WITH YOUR ARM OR OTHER HAND!!!! Easy access writing! Cha-ching.


Two Jays strives to carry the best products – and these journals by Design Design are no exception. Make sure to check out the whole collection on