Two Jays Framed Calendars

Picture this, you’re in warm beautiful Sicily in the year is 1822. Just kidding! Too bad though eh?

But really, picture it, you are back to the end of your college years. You’re sitting in your humble student abode thinking “I am a college/university graduate. I am officially an adult now”! Then you take the smudge off your glasses and question your decorating skills in your apartment as it’s still filled with posters and artwork that are held up with sticky tack and thumb tacks. It’s definitely time to move to the next stage in life. You know the one, the classy ADULT stage!  The-it’s-time-to-start-framing-my-art-posters-and-calendars-stage.  And STAT!

Yes you heard me right, folks – A FRAME. Did you know you can frame your calendars and in a variety? I did not know this either at first! You’re welcome!

Framed Calendars

Now reimagine your newly decorated “adult” home. There’s a themed calendar with beautiful art work in a frame. The months are printed on both sides (yes, save the trees!) and why not buy more than 1 theme in case you’re feeling a little bit country one month and adoring furry felines the next?

Here at Two Jays we offer 6 different size calendars 3 different styles of frames, and one frame that has a note pad and a wipe off magnetic board to keeping your thoughts, grocery lists and to-dos organized in one place. Oh, so very adult of you!

You will never forget another birthday or to pick up pet food on the way home. When you have company over for red wine and cheese they’ll turn to your awesome, new calendar and say “Excuse me, can you please tell me what is happening in this very organized, adult corner and where can I buy one?!” And you can respond in your most classy of tones “Two-Jays, my dear friend, always assists in my most adult of decorating decision”.