Carol Wilson Rose Garden: Delicate, Intricate and Beautiful

“To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart” – Author Phyllis Theroux.

Letter writing has long been a simple, yet meaningful form of communication; whether it be the relaying of important information or the sharing of one’s love. Some of the earliest mentioning’s of letter writing dates back to Greek antiquity, as referred to in Homer’s epic poem The Iliad. Although, not use as much to pass on vital information, the concept of writing personalized letter is still common practice. More so it is an easy way to make someone’s day; make them feel special. Carol Wilson’s Rose Garden, sold by Two Jays, is an easy way to share the joy and art of letter writing with friends and family with their unique take on stationary.

Boxed Note Cards:

A handwritten card is a beautiful way to show how you feel and keep in touch with those you love. The Boxed Notecards by Carol Wilson’s Rose Garden, available on Two Jays, are a collection of intricately embossed and expertly die-cut notecards available in a variety of designs. Each unique set comes with 10 notecards and envelopes printed with original, timeless Carol Wilson artwork. The best part is that correspondence can be an everyday activity not done exclusively around the holidays since the artwork is not depicting holiday images! Share the love all year-round. These sets are not only great for personal use but would make a wonderful gift for that person you want to stay in better contact with! Each set comes in a matching portfolio storage box to keep everything nicely packaged. Easy peazy lemon squeezy.

Boxed Notecards


Now the delicate, detailed artwork that you love from Carol Wilson’s Rose Garden is available on items for the kitchen! Looking to spruce up the kitchen a bit? Why not splurge on a Carol Wilson printed tea/dish towel available on Two Jays! This is an easy and quick way to tie together your kitchen theme or add a little extra personality to your cook corner! Each towel is printed on 100% cotton flour sack and is both absorbent and MACHINE WASHABLE. SWEET! Don’t worry about the print- put that towel to work! Carol Wilson’s artwork is also available on china mugs so you can have your morning coffee or morning tea in a beautifully printed piece. Talk about a great way to start your morning! Each mug holds 10oz and is made of bone white china which makes it dishwasher and microwave safe- which mean it can handle everyday life. Start your day with a little bit delicacy. Both the towels and the mugs are available in a variety of prints and colors, which means there is something for everybody!

Thank You Cards:

Thank you cards are a perfect way to show your gratitude in a meaningful way. Picture this, you have just given the perfect (and I mean PERFECT) birthday present to your best friend. You spent hours searching for the right gift, finally found it and purchased it; you already feel like superstar because you KNOW they are going to love it! Then a couple weeks later, you open your mailbox and SURPRISE they have written you a thank you card to show how grateful they are. OMG how good would you feel? Now you get to share that feeling with others with the Carol Wilson Thank You card line available on Two Jays. Each set of cards comes in a set of 10 with classic white envelopes. Of course each set features that traditional and exquisite embossing and unique die-cut edges that Carol Wilson is known for. Make sure to check out the full line of thank you cards today.

Thank You Cards

Carol Wilson’s Rose Garden, by For Arts Sake, has always been known for their beautiful, timeless artwork along with the quality of their and uniqueness of their embossed, die-cut cards. Share these pieces and see the whole line at