Stationery – The Documentation of our Lives!

I don’t know about you but Back to School stationery shopping was ALWAYS something I looked forward too. Picking out the perfect journals, pens, planners etc. for the upcoming school year always felt like a fresh start; the start of a new beginning! Now that I am out of school, I miss the shopping! Although, when you are an adult you get to buy stationery whenever you want instead of waiting for one time a year. Absolutely one of the best is the Wrendale Design stationery collection available on Two Jays. Wrendale Designs are known for their beautiful and stylish artwork, and now you can get those designs on your favorite stationery items. On top of the beautiful artwork, all of these items are affordable and of great quality which means they will be a great option for anyone! Take a look! I guarantee they will make the perfect gift for your friends and family or just treat yourself.

Wrendale Stationery


I have a confession to make; I have a journaling problem. I have never met a journal I didn’t need to have in my collection. So when I saw the full collection of Wrendale journals available on Two Jays, it was so hard to pick just one!! There is a style for everyone. My favorite are the large and small paperback notebook- the paper bound journals have covers made out of the same beautiful board as Wrendale’s greetings cards and has approximately 48 lined and illustrated pages.


When I write in these I feel as though I am writing my own paperback novel! Plus there is one with a LLAMA ON IT!!! But, don’t worry, if you are coil notebook journalist we carry those too with the same Wrendale prints. Not to mention, if you are someone that likes to carry a notebook with you, we also have aWrendale notebook wallet. These wallets are large enough to hold your journal as well as pens and pencils. There is also a place for credit/debit cards so you could take this with you on your next shopping trip:

Grocery list? CHECK

Credit Card? CHECK

Rewards Card? CHECK

All in one place? CHECK CHECK CHECK!!!!

Talk about convenience!

Desk Notes:

Optimizing space and efficiency while working at my desk is always so important! I want to have access to everything I may need super quickly. Two Jays and Wrendale Design helped organize my desk and can do the same for you. They literally have thought of everything. First was my desk calendar- I am always struggling with desk calendars not being functional or big enough for everything I need to do! I also inevitably have a piece of scrap paper around to write down any quick notes I think of throughout the day. The Wrendale Desk Planner fills all those roles-  plenty large, lots of space for quick notes AND I can use it as a computer mouse pad so it doesn’t take up too much space.  If you would rather have a separate place for notes, check out the Wrendale memo block which contains more than 600 quality pieces of notepaper. Each block is illustrated and has a soft touch finish. There are also address books to store all your friends, family and co-workers addresses to make sending any notes easy! Each book has a hardcover and features alphabetical tabbed sections to organize all your addresses. And finally – my favorite product in the whole Wrendale line- The Password Book. Now a days every web based platform requires a unique password to gain access. I am constantly forgetting my passwords or even worse, sometimes use the exact same one for everything! Eeek, not so secure after all! Wrendale’s pocket sized Password Book is filled with pages for you to write down all those passwords and even has tips and tricks on how to keep your passwords safe! Due to the size, it can fit easily in a purse or a briefcase! Thank goodness! And of course, this too is beautifully bound and illustrated with Wrendale Design prints!

Desk Pads


Are you always looking for a way to keep in better contact with your friends and family? Two Jays can help with that too! Two Jays offers a variety of Wrendale Design options for you to stay in much better touch with everyone important to you. Plus, the items are all so affordable and adorable you will want to write to everyone. We all know the effect a handwritten letter or card can have on someone; talk about feeling special! When you get to your mailbox, open the door and see a letter there waiting for you, it always brings a smile. Now share that feeling with everyone you know. If you like to write a little extra and need a little bit more space, the Wrendale Letter Writing set is your go to. This set includes 20 illustrated sheets of writing paper along with ten character printed envelopes. If you prefer a card, make sure to check out the Notecard Pack on Two Jays.


These Wrendale printed sets include 4 notes cards as well as 8 correspondence cards giving you the choice of card or letter. It also includes 12 envelopes that have the matching Wrendale print on them. Both the Letter Writing set and the Notecard pack are great options for your personal correspondence. I feel like thank you cards are a staple for anyone’s personal stationary collection. There is always something to be thankful for and sharing that gratefulness with others can be an incredibly rewarding experience for both parties. Two Jays offers a variety of Wrendale Design Notelet sets each printed with a unique character and thank you note. The set includes 8 thank you cards and corresponding envelopes. With all these options you are going to want to write a personal note to everyone you know!

Make sure to check out the complete Wrendale stationary line at today!