Wrendale Gift Packaging – The wrapping can be a gift too!

Giving gifts is an important trait of human nature- it is engrained in our DNA. It is a compassionate tradition that goes back thousands of years; even cavemen gave gifts as a symbol of love and affection towards one another. Although humanity has evolved and time has passed by, the idea of giving gifts is still very much a concept we still practice today. Human beings, by nature are social creatures, who very much enjoy the company, love and warmth we experience from others. As such, we use gift giving as method to communicate how we feel towards another person without expressing it verbally. And, when receiving a gift, the act has a way of always making you feel special. Even if that gift is Amazon delivering something you order for yourself last week- you ALWAYS feel excited when you get open the parcel.

Gift Packaging

Now the package in which a gift is delivered can add EVEN MORE excitement to the experience. Who doesn’t love unwrapping a beautifully packaged gift that was picked and packed especially for them? The extra time and effort that someone spends packaging that perfect gift makes the receiver feel even more special. And as the gift giver, you picked out the perfect gift, so you want to make sure that the presentation is equally as perfect. That’s where Two Jays comes in; after you have picked out the perfect gift let us help you present it in the most special way possible with Wrendale Designs gift packaging line.

Gift Wrapping

My personal favorite way to wrap gifts is by picking out the most unique gift wrap that best suits the gift I am giving. The extra little time and care it takes to intricately wrap the parcel just makes the act of giving feel so much more rewarding. Two Jays makes the whole gift giving process easy by offering Wrendale printed giftwrap, gift tags and ribbon in a pack as the perfect option to package up any gift; all the materials you need come in one package and are right at your fingers tips. First, you receive two pages of thick double sided Wrendale printed paper (27.5” by 19.7” each”). Then you also receive two matching gift tags to label your parcel and on top of that you get a rustic jute cord to tie it all up. See! Everything you need! Receipt please! Two Jays offers the Giftwrap Pack in a variety of Wrendale character prints for you to chose from to ensure any gift you give is perfectly unique! My favorite? Definitely the Crash Landing printed kit- the ducks ALWAYS bring a smile to my face especially the little duck butt!

Gifts Packaging

If wrapping gifts with paper is not your thing or you are super busy and just don’t have the time, don’t worry! Two Jays still has a way for you to package up the gift your giving without sacrificing the style and personality. Two Jays carries a collection of Wrendale Design printed bags with your favorite characters featured! Choose from a selection of characters and the size that best suits your special gift. Oh, and did I mention that there are wine bottle bags too?? Then after you pick out your perfect bag, make sure to pick up some corresponding tissue paper that matches the bag to a T! Nothing beats pulling out piece after piece of tissue paper to find the gift hidden beneath. I AM EXCITED JUST THINKING ABOUT IT. And who knows? Maybe the beautiful packaging will be the star of the day, outshining the gift itself!

Last but certainly not least, is the tag that you get to write your message in. Who is the gift for? Who is it from? Maybe even some words of affection or celebration! Two Jays makes sure that it also carries the perfect Wrendale printed gift tag to top off any special package! The proverbial cherry on top! Each gift tag comes with a rustic piece of twine to tie in with the packaging of the gift and is large enough for you to write your own personal message. Sometimes the message a tag can share means more to people than the gift as whole. It can make the act of gift giving much more personal, unique and meaningful.

Wrendale Gift Packaging

The act of giving someone a gift is always a way to show someone you truly care and receiving a gift from someone else always inspires excitement, anticipation and joy. Whether giving or receiving, the unique meaning behind the act is incredibly rewarding experience to share. So, when the time comes for you give someone that perfect gift, don’t forget to find the most flawless packaging for that gift and visit twojays.net to find the Wrendale Designs Gift Packaging line. There is surely a piece for everyone, and you will have the whole process all under WRAPS :P!!!!

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