Wrendale Designs: Make your life Wrendale Chic!

Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all? Well you of course! Everything about you is unique and special! Two Jays want to make you be the chicest you can be with the Wrendale lifestyle pieces. Each piece is made with supreme quality, and great affordability which ensure that you not only look fabulous but feel fabulous about investing in a superior quality item that will last!

Cosmetic Bags:

Day to night ready on the go.. seems impossible no? Wrendale and Two Jays make it a little easier for you. After you have a finished a long day at work and decide to celebrate with some co workers, you don’t have to worry about not having a little refresh bag with you! Wrendale’s cosmetic bag line is meant for your busy lifestyle! Available in three different sizes – large, small and a bag the perfect size to carry your brushes- mean that you can whip out that lipstick, through on a little extra mascara and hit the town! The bag is made of water-resistant material to make sure your belongings all stay safe and they have a zip top fastening top to prevent items from spilling out into your bag. And did I mention that all of the bags have a matching striped interior to whatever pattern you chose for the exterior? Check Two Jays now to pick out your perfect set!

Cosmetic Bags


Sometimes picking the perfect accessory to match your outfit can be difficult with all the options! It makes sense to have a few go to pieces, and mine are always scarves. Obviously, scarves are great in the colder weather because, duh, they can keep you warm, but more and more people are wearing light weight scarves in the summer as an easy statement piece! Two Jays carries Wrendale’s Scarves - that’s right, now your favorite characters, colors and quality that you love from Wrendale can be worn everyday! On top of that, they are long so, you can wear them in a multitude of ways. Now that one statement piece can also look different and add a little new pizazz to your outfits everyday! But wait, the icing on the cake is how SUPER SOFT THEY ARE!!!! No itchy, high neck feeling here. These light weight, flowy and breathable pieces are perfect for any outfit, any time of the year. They also make a wonderful gift. Every scarf comes in a Wrendale printed gift bag.

Wrendale Scarves

Key Ring:

Are you always losing your keys? If they aren’t hanging by the door in my house, I am in big trouble. WHO KNOWS WHERE THEY WENT! Well they will become a little easier track down with a Wrendale Designs printed key ring. Each key ring is cast in a hard-wearing zinc alloy and finished with a resin dome covering your choice of classic Wrendale print. They have also finished the key ring with a laser etched logo on the reverse. As always, available in a variety of your favorite Wrendale characters including my favorite the mallard duck; I JUST CAN’T WITH THAT CUTENESS!

Wrendale Keyrings

Eye Glass Case:

If you are anything like me, you are constantly just leaving your glasses anywhere and everywhere. Inevitably they end up COVERED in fingerprints or dust so I have to clean them every single time I wear them. On top of that, since I just leave them wherever, they fall a lot. Thankfully, no cracks yet. This is why you, like me, need to invest in the Wrendale Designs hard eye glass case. This hard-shelled case has a soft touch finish and, of course, is printed with your favorite Wrendale Designs artwork. As an extra little bonus, Wrendale has made the interior a matching print to the art on the front, and the case comes with a matching cleaning cloth! No fingerprints, no cracks. Look SPECTACULAR in your SPECTACLES!

Wrendale Eye Glass Case

Water Bottles:

I don’t know about you, but I am a hydration freak!!! I bring a water bottle with me everywhere and fill it at least 5 times a day- I told you I was a hydration freak! Because I bring water with me everywhere, I find more and more that I am looking for cool looking water bottles - gives me a chance to show off my personality a bit. Two Jays now carries Wrendale Design’s water bottle collection. It is a 500ml stainless steel, leak resistant water bottle, printed with your favorite Wrendale characters. Stainless steel also means BPA free! Cute, great quality, affordable and literally saving planet- cha-ching! What make this bottle truly unique though, is that you can use it for warm and cold beverages. So that means you could have one bottle for water and one for coffee? LIGHTBULB!

Wrendale Water Bottles

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