Wishing Threads: Throw Caution to the Wind and WISH BIG

Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight! We have all heard this saying before. Wishing is something we all have done at one time in our lives- whether it be shooting stars, blowing out birthday candles, throwing a coin into a wishing well or something else entirely, the idea of wishing is a concept richly tied into historical lore and culture.

Angel and Butterfly Wishing Threads

The ancient Romans believed in ancient eternity crystals said to have formed from the frozen breath of the Roman goddess, Aeternitas, goddess of eternity. The Roman’s believed that these crystals that fell from the heavens and would end up embedded in the mountains of the Roman countryside. When one of these crystals was found, it was said to be an omen of good fortune for that individual. Obviously, these were very sought after. Once found, the individual would take them to a skilled artisan to cut and shaped the crystal into a unique form to reflect one’s own energy as well as the energy around them. It was said that when you wished upon them, they would carry your wishes through the night sky to the gods; bringing much health, happiness and prosperity to the owner. Um sign me up please!

Fairy Wishing Threads

Two Jays carries an item that has modernized the belief that the Roman’s practiced, called Wishing Threads. Each and every Wishing Thread has one large perfectly cut eternity crystal believed to reflect positive energy around your surroundings. This eternity crystal is attached to a string of smaller crystals which are said to aid the larger crystal in its mission of delivering wishes and reflecting one’s aura. Holding the whole piece together is a beautifully carved metal symbol that represents an aspect of the owner’s unique personality. Choose from symbols such as an angel, an endless knot or treble clef, each with it own’s purpose like harmony or loyalty.  After picking out the style that best reflects what you deem as the most important quality for you, hang the beautiful string of crystals in a window where they can reflect the sun and moonlight creating a mesmerizing reflection of light. By hanging the wishing thread in the window, you also ensure that when you do make a wish that it can be carried away with the wind into the sky!

Wishing Threads come in a beautiful packaged box making them a perfect gift for everyone in your life.

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Hummingbird Wishing Thread