Home Decor – Perfect for your New Normal Needs!

Did you know that on average people spend more than 75% of their time in indoors? This could be even higher in a world where people are working from home! With all that time indoors, whether it be at home or at work, it is only fitting that people try to surround themselves with an environment that makes them happy! Williams Shakespeare once said, “People are usually the happiest when at home” and I mean Shakespeare was a genius!  

Home Decor

Since we spend so much of our time indoors it only makes sense that the decor of our surroundings be used as a direct reflection of our own unique individuality! This only makes us more relaxed, comfortable and duh! HAPPY! Two Jays is proud supplier of Wrendale Designs, a stylish artwork line drawn and created by Hannah Dale, reproduced on a variety of pieces for the home or office that can be used to add some pizzazz and make your surroundings a reflection of your uniqueness!


The easiest way to bring some individuality into your home is with your choice of wall art! Adding a piece to any wall will instantly give the space a fresh look. Two Jays now sells a vibrant collection of super cute and affordable Wrendale canvas prints that can instantly give any room some character. Eco-friendly inks on polycotton canvases, available in two different sizes, these canvases are sure to brighten up any room. Plus, who doesn’t love looking at adorable animal pictures!



Does looking at the time on your old boring clock just make you even more tired? Well, that won’t be the case with a character printed Wrendale wall clock. Many of your favorite Wrendale characters can be found on a 12” in diameter clock, made of a matte resin and finished with beautiful, hand- painted silver, embossed numbers. It even sounds pretty! But remember, time slipping by because your looking at your new art clock isn’t a good excuse for being late!


Cushioned Pillows:

Looking to spruce up your tired couch? Sometimes all it takes is a couple new pillows to do just that. How about hugging something cute while watching your favorite movie! Two Jays now offers Wrendale signature character prints available on soft cotton-linen blended pillows with an extra pop of colored piping. If you get tired with the same design everyday just turn over your cushion for another fresh print! It’s basically two pillows in one!

Cushioned Pillows

Garden Collection:

Maybe you just want to take your favorite Wrendale characters outside- well now you can with the Wrendale Garden collection. The garden collections include gardening tools, gloves and even birdhouses. Don’t forget a kneeling pad so you don’t get your pants stained green from grass! Spread that unique personality of yours into your porches, balconies, back and front yards! Go ahead, make your neighbors jealous!

Pet Products:

Two Jays wants to make sure that they got your pet’s back too by caring a great line of pet products for all your furry friends including treat tins. Oh. did we mention that they add a bit of pizzazz to wherever your pet may eat? Scruffy will feel super fancy eating out of his brand new Wrendale printed food bowl! We didn’t forget your cat! Fluffy can feel extra chic eating out of her corresponding Wrendale printed cat food bowl! We all know how important our pets are to us; this includes their comfort! Make sure puppy has the perfect Dog Coat to keep them warm this Fall and Winter season. Be the best pet parent ever and watch your pup strut with pride!

Pet Products


We all the know the kitchen is the heart of any home. This where some of our fondest memories occur; holiday dinners, learning to cook with family, slicing birthday cakes – not to mention my favorite part of the day – COFFEE! Wrendale’s beautiful kitchen storage collection, available on Two Jays, is a great way to start to those memories. The line includes cake, cookie and other storage tins in a variety of shapes, as well as flower watering jugs, which would also make a wonderful vase. Looking for a place to store grandma’s secret chocolate chip cookie recipe? Or maybe all those recipes you have printed off of pinterest? Store them in a Wrendale character printed recipe tin, with matching Wrendale printed recipe cards. Don’t forget about your fridge! Two Jay’s also carries Wrendale magnets sure to bring a smile every time you open the fridge door. Even when you are getting the milk for that first cup of coffee in the morning!


Now, I bet you are thinking you wish you could bring a little piece of home with wherever you go! I mean who doesn’t want to feel comfortable and stylish when you are out and about as well!  Two Jays has just the thing, don’t you worry. Just grab your Wrendale character printed water bottle and away you go!! Hydration never looked so fresh!!!

So much time and patience were put into finding the right place for you to call your home. You researched, viewed and finally decided on a place, the perfect place. Now you get to decorate your home in a way the best reflects how you want your surroundings to look and feel - you get show off some of your own unique personality in the way you decorate. Let Two Jays help you decorate with your favorite pieces by Wrendale Designs. It is an obvious way to not only fill your home with happiness but to share that feeling with others when they come to visit! Let’s be honest, they won’t want to leave! Warmth, comfort, stylish and affordable. Who doesn’t want their home to be all those things! Make sure to find and shop the full Wrendale line at twojays.net today!

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