Calendars – The best way to beat all the blues!

In today’s new normal, time is of ultimate essence. You never really realise how time really flies by. You wish to capture and enjoy your time before it’s finally gone. Calendars are the charm of every place. They are your everyday friends which can be placed anytime anywhere. Be it your study table or you room corner or the kitchen wall, calendars are an important utility in your life. They let you track, record and remember every detail. Calendars keep you organized. You can forget the minor reminders and enjoy your present fully while your calendar friend will remember all the important dates.

Crafted Calendars

Crafted Calendars – Masterpiece in itself

Crafted calendars add beauty and inspiration to the room. It gives an experience of personalization and royalty to the existing piece. Wooden Pine used for framing is of premium quality and it will definitely make your space a unique one. The overall looks make you feel special and you can savour the precious time with your family and friends.

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Two Jays offer a huge variety of crafted calendars. You may be surprised by the sheer range which they offer. There are surprise innovations in the form of images and titles. They truly understand what makes people happy and have captured it in the image art. All the calendars have paintings from the best artists. They are available in different sizes. You have an option to shop by title which is really so unique about it. Names are catchy and people are weirdly good. All those favourite phrases of you can now be seen and enjoyed everyday with the crafted calendars.

Benefits of Crafted Calendars

Two Jays calendars never look old because of the beautiful wooden handcrafting. The wooden shade adds to the design element and enriches the look and feel of the calendar. The biggest advantage is that you can stay organized and create important reminders in the space provided. It is as good as your to do list and it is present in front of you everytime. Also, it feels beautiful to work on it because it gives you a premium feeling. Your routine work also seems of much more importance and you feel that you are utilizing your time efficiently. These are always in style and makes your spot a cozy and comfortable one. You can feel at peach and enjoy every moment of it.

Types of Calendars

A plethora of choices are available and you should always choose the right ones. Your favorite one should always be present. Explore the huge collection of unique crafted calendars.

1. Artistic Calendars

Every art is special and unique. It adds a creative dimension to your everyday essentials. Two Jays artistic calendars include your favorite artists. There are some well-known artists’ painting too which you always planned to keep but couldn’t directly find it. Whether Alan Giana or Carl Valente, you name it and you will find it. The enchanted paintings are sure to leave you spell bound in addition to all the work you can scribble and tasks you can do. You are sure to appreciate the paint strokes, the detailed art and the picturesque art filling you with excitement as you look at it every day!

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You may love spending time with nature or enjoy your morning feeling calm. Well, this art is the best way to begin with. You can enjoy the art as well as your work. You can stay informed in a beautiful way. Check out all the beautiful paintings and choose your favorite one now. 

2. Perfect Sized Calendars

Two Jays calendars are available in all sizes. They have convenient mini grids too with which you can stay updated. They care for you and hence they have customized it to suit all your needs. Living rooms may need a larger calendar and they offer tall calendars and 7 x 14 sizes for the same. For your kitchen corner, they offer 8 x 16 and 4 x 6 size with the space for key holders. For your study table or office desk, they have 7 x 10 size.

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Tall calendars capture beautifully your favourite theme. They are organized month wise with scribble grids present everywhere. Love the journey calendars are filled with exciting life pictures reminding you of all the goodness and cheerfulness present. Large readable numbers are present which can excite everybody. It goes well with all home décor. You will surely feel thankful about it.

Beautifully crafted in all size, these are perfect no matter what your need is. Shop them now for a new addition to your favorite place.

3. Favorite Title Calendars

Titles are the best way to keep a person engaged and remember all the details. They are interactive and interesting. They make you smile and schedule all the important things at the same time.

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You name it and you have it. If you love you feline member, you have meow cat calendars. If you love being a pet parent, you have puppies calendars. If you love countryside peace and tranquility, you have country walk and beckoning barns calendars. If you love birdies, you have feathered friends calendars. If you love beauty and greenery, you have vibrant views calendars. If you love flowers, you have florals calendars. If you are looking for inspiration, you have calendars titled ‘be brave’ and ‘life is bright’.

There are calendars for all themes and for all your favorite titles. Check them out and surprise yourself!

Why Crafted Calendars are Important?

Crafted calendars are not only for you but for others too, with whom you would love to share your happiness and joy. Calendars are all about memories, the best irreplaceable ones. Make others feel special as much as you feel for yourself! It’s a beautiful time bound gift. It is of ultimate importance to anybody in every way.

You may have always appreciated calendars but a wooden one gives a very premium feeling to it. They are worth every penny and the huge range will excite you from within. The artistic painting will leave you spellbound while the interesting titles will keep you going. Different sizes will help you design your ideal favorite room. Crafted calendars are surely the most creative way to make your home and office enjoyable places.

It is time to collect the best and your favorite ones now. Let the colours fill your mind with joy, let the taglines stay with you, let the calendars add beauty to every element of your life. A ‘happy you’ is a ‘happy us’. We believe in delivering happiness right at your doorstep no matter what. Make the best of all the time you got and create lifelong memories. Stay Connected, Shop Now!