• Wrendale Designs: Make your life Wrendale Chic!

    Two Jays want to make you be the chicest you can be with the Wrendale lifestyle pieces. Each piece is made with supreme quality, and great affordability which ensure that you not only look fabulous but feel fabulous about investing in a superior quality item that will last.
  • Wishing Threads: Throw Caution to the Wind and WISH BIG

    By hanging the wishing thread in the window, you also ensure that when you do make a wish that it can be carried away with the wind into the sky. Wishing Threads come in a beautiful packaged box making them a perfect gift for everyone in your life.
  • Stationery – The Documentation of our Lives!

    Wrendale Designs are known for their beautiful and stylish artwork, and now you can get those designs on your favorite stationery items.
  • Wrendale Gift Packaging – The wrapping can be a gift too!

    Giving gifts is an important trait of human nature- it is engrained in our DNA. It is a compassionate tradition that goes back thousands of years; even cavemen gave gifts as a symbol of love and affection towards one another. Two Jays makes sure that it also carries the perfect Wrendale printed gift tag to top off any special package.
  • Home Decor – Perfect for your New Normal Needs!

    Since we spend so much of our time indoors it only makes sense that the decor of our surroundings be used as a direct reflection of our own unique individuality!
  • Calendars – Own all the time you have!

    Calendars help you to stay focused because you can concentrate on the important tasks. It relaxes you when you sort everything and put tasks date-wise.
  • Wrendale's Giftware – Unique ways to spread joy!

    Gift is one of those things which can bring a smile on everyone’s face. Imagine a beautiful gift wrapped in cute illustrated packaging paper at your doorstep on any occasion to celebrate all moments of joy and happiness.
  • Calendars – The best way to beat all the blues!

    Calendars are the charm of every place. They are your everyday friends which can be placed anytime anywhere. Calendars keep you organized.