Zad Diffuser Necklaces

Are you hooked on your using your diffuser at home like the rest of us, but want to travel with your favourite essential oils away from your cozy nest? Do you find designer store perfumes harsh and wish for a more subtle way to wear your favourite scent? Look no further!

You can now take your scent on the road with these fashionable diffuser necklaces. It comes in a multi-coloured enamel flowers with an easy to open, but very secure clasp, to sprinkle your chosen scent. Inside, you’ll find a lava ball that absorbs the oil of your choice. When the smell runs out, sprinkle some more or change it up when you’re ready to try something new.

Essential oils are becoming a preferred trend among the eco/scent conscience customer. It’s a practical way to wear any desired smell as you can change it up and you won’t risk getting the oils on your garments. Simply open the necklace, add a drop or two and go!

The benefits to using diffusers/oil: the smells are typically less harsh or offensive to those with allergies or sensitivities. If you run into someone that can’t tolerate the scent you’re wearing, the solution is easy. Simply remove the necklace. Another great alternative is hanging it from your rear view mirror or in the office if you need add a little pizazz to a small space.

Diffuser Necklaces

Try lavender for anxiety and stress relief or peppermint or sweet orange for a little extra pep in your step. How about rosemary or lemon for cognitive function or if you’re dreaming of spring in the winter, something floral is always a must. Don’t forget you can mix scents. There are so many great guides online to help fine tune the right combination.

The necklace comes neatly packaged with a little instruction note and chiffon bag which is perfect for gifting. The colourful enamel flowers have clear crystal centers and a silver chain which measures 28” in length with a round locket and clasp closure.

You won’t only smell great, you’ll look great too!