Terramundi: The Continuation of Traditions!

I remember when I was kid, and my parents gave me my very own piggy bank. But this was no traditional bank; it was a talking and moving Darth Vader bank (Luke, I am your Father!!!), and I was SO EXCITED to finally put my allowance somewhere safe (and let’s be honest who is going to mess with Darth Vader for some allowance money?). Realistically it might be time to give my bank a little bit of a classier upgrade. Don’t get me wrong Darth can protect my money any time, but now I have the most beautiful way to store my change. Let me introduce you to the Terramundi Money Pot on Two Jays!


Terramundi creates beautifully handcrafted and hand-painted money pots that have been traditionally used in Italy for more than 2000 years. Yup, you too can continue on a 2000-year-old tradition – pretty cool. The actual design of the pot has remained virtually unchanged but Terramundi paints every pot with a beautiful design or watercolor making them all unique. The Terramundi money pot is an item very rich in tradition but what makes this piece even more special is the story that comes with it.

Traditionally, when the first coin is dropped into the pot you make a wish. Each pot comes with a card that you can write the date and the wish on to be deposited with that first coin. Once the pot is full you get to smash it, and make the wish come true. It is said that the money saved will bring good fortune (which we all need a little extra of this year! Money and good fortune. Thanks 2020 😐).

These would make a wonderful wedding gift, new home gift, or even new baby gift, all of which could make use of a little extra good luck and fortune! That being said it would make a great thoughtful gift to just about anyone. Especially with the holidays fast approaching, start your own new year tradition! Begin the new year with a wish, then smash it the at the end of year and, of course, start again! OPA!


You're probably thinking, “why would I want to smash this beautiful pot? How am I supposed to get all those dollars I saved without DESTROYING this item”? Terramundi has discovered the perfect way of opening the pot without completely smashing it to pieces. If you gently place a chisel or back of a hammer in the money slot, and slowly lift up and down, the top should pop right off. Then you can use the pot for candles, a vase, really anything you want. Thanks, Terramundi!

Available in a variety of colors, each pot is made of Terracotta clay on a pottery wheel in Umbria, Italy. Then pots are sent to England to be delicately and intricately hand painted. This makes every pot a unique and very thoughtful gift.

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