Tall Calendars – A Fresh Start on a New Year

It is that time of the year again! At least it is getting close to that time of year- thankfully. 2020 is almost at an end and it is about time! This year has really been a whirlwind and I for one think it is time for a refresh (or maybe a do over)! So, bring on 2021. A new year means new events and new events mean a new calendar to track them all. Of course, Two Jays is your one stop shop for a variety of calendars. Today though, I will be sharing a new spin on the traditional wall calendar, our Tall Calendars. Go ahead oooh and aaah. Traditional wall calendars take up so much space! This tall calendar is exactly that, TALL! So, it is a narrower shape and can fit almost anywhere! These spiral bound calendars all have spacious daily grids for you to write notes and updates. No excuse to forget the date! Oh, and one other thing, these are exclusive to Two Jays, no one else has them. talk about unique. Keep reading for a description of each style!

Tall Calendars

Love the Journey 2021:

Love the Journey is a collection of inspiring artworks by artist Jo Moulton. The charm of Jo’s work is the simplistic and minimalist art style combined with inspirational quotes. Each month has a different piece of beautiful artwork with a lively saying sure to create a fresh outlook and positive energy. Country chic at it’s best, this calendar is a must have for the home, the office or as gift! 

Be Brave 2021:

Colorful, vibrant, creative! What more could you ask for in a new year! Let your calendar be reflection of that with Two Jays Be Brave calendar, featuring artwork by Joy Ting. It is the perfect way to add a little brightness to your days. We can all agree the 2020 was, well, dark (to put it nicely). Start 2021 off with a BANG with this bright bold piece! Every month features a new vivid piece of art with creative and motivational sayings. The perfect addition to any room!

Cats 2021:

Are you a sucker for a cute face? Me too. The photos of Kittens in the Two Jays 2021 calendar are exactly that- CUTE. More like SO FREAKING ADORABLE I CAN’T EVEN HANDLE IT. This has Feline Fanatic written all over – don’t worry we won’t tell anyone you are a crazy cat lover; your secret is safe with us. This makes a GREAT gift for your friends and family who see their purrfect companion as part of the family. Mary Poppins did say “whiskers on kittens” were some of her favorite things!

Puppies 2021:

I don’t know about you, but I was one of those kids who asked for a puppy EVERY year for her birthday and for Christmas… even when we finally got one! Who am I kidding, I still ask every year! Now you can start of the new year with your own set of 12 mind blowingly cute little fur balls. Two Jay’s Puppies calendar has a new puppy every single month, making you want the year to fly by to see them all! You will not forget any date or appointments because you will be continuously looking at all the cuteness. THEY ARE JUST SO FLUFFY!

Start the new year with a fresh, clean slate and check out all the 2021 calendars on twojays.net.