Scrunchy Face Towels: Funny, Sassy and Cute - the Perfect Blend

Well, Two Jays has done it again. They have struck gold with easily the most “impressionable” towels on the market. You are probably thinking, “OMG what is she talking about now? That crazy blog lady”! But really! I swear- they really are a hoot.

You know how sometimes you can’t quite find the adequate words to describe how you are feeling- but if could find them they would for sure have a witty twist to them? Ever find yourself thinking about the perfect response HOURS later? Do you have a little too much sass and are looking for a way to express yourself? Well Scrunchy Face Towels are for you! Designed for the person with a certain… “touch” of sarcasm and for people who want to express how they feel. Each towel is printed with an expression that will NOT leave anything to the imagination and make it CLEAR how you feel! Available in 44 options, there is a little something for everyone.

Scrunchy Towels

Scrunchy Face towels are GREAT as a gift. There are many references to friends, family and pets so you can find the perfect fit for anyone on your list. Or, of course, as a gift for yourself, because I mean, WHY NOT?

The towels themselves are made of 100% flour sack and are super absorbent, which means that not only are these great as a display or kitchen décor, they are also useful! You can use your sassy wine towel to clean up the wine you spilt laughing at your towel so hard! Towels are also machine washable, don’t worry about ruining them. Make sure to get a couple backups though, so on laundry day you can immediately put another one out and keep the laugh rolling!

Scrunchy Face Towels

My personal favorite, and something very reflective of my personality is “My decision-making skills closely resemble that of a squirrel trying to cross the street”. Which also means I have about twenty of these towels because I can’t decide which ones! Hang them in the bathrooms, kitchen and even the laundry room to ensure you always have a witty retort when a mess has been made!

Check out the whole Scrunchy Face Towel line on today.

Also check back in 2021! Some brand-new sassiness is coming to!