New Year means New Goals, New Resolutions and NEW PRODUCTS!

NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW! AHHH tis the season for NEW!  For Two Jays, that means the launch of three new Wishing Threads styles!

Two Jays proud to announce the expansion of our best selling gift line Wishing Threads. For those of you who haven’t heard of Wishing Threads, these beautiful window ornaments carry on an ancient Roman tradition of delivering your wishes into the universe. Each Wishing Thread carries an eternity crystal which the Romans believed were delivered by the gods to humanity, as such they are believed to reflect a positive aura and have powers to deliver your biggest wishes!

These brand new styles are the perfect way to start 2021 with the most positivity possible! Read on to see what each new style means!


Cardinal: Although one of the most recognized birds in natures, Cardinals are by no means easy to find! In some cultures, cardinals are believed to be the daughters of the sun so spotting one is a sign of good luck! But this good luck is more than just the traditional scratching a lucky lottery ticket; the bold bright red of the Cardinal is said to be a sign of showing your own boldness, building self confidence, and not letting any obstacles get in your way. The Cardinal is a perfect gift to share with someone who may feel down on their luck or just needs that little extra boost of self belief. It would also be a great self affirmation that you can handle anything!


Cat:  In Ancient Egypt cats were more than just pets – they were known for protecting their owners from venomous asps and scorpions and were even seen as MAGICAL. As such, Cats were always seen with the goddesses of protection. The tradition lives on with the brand-NEW Cat Wishing Thread. Keep evil at bay by hanging this beautiful Wishing Thread in your own window or gift to someone who may need a little extra good luck. Maybe someone moving into a new home? GIFT IDEA!


Mom: I feel like this one doesn’t really need an explanation but instead a needs a giant exclamation of “IT’S ABOUT TIME”! Mother’s bring unconditional love, guidance and protection into one’s life. Share the love back by gifting this beautiful Wishing Thread for them to hang in their home. That way they can reflect their own positive energy back. P.s Mother’s day is on the way :p


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