Share your uniqueness with Alex Clark Arts!!!

Ever had one, or several keychains that smack your knee when you’re driving? Yes, that drives me bananas too! Why can’t I carry something cute without being a pain. TADA!! Introducing Alex Clark Keyrings! I just tested one of these bad boys on my key chain and this pet peeve need not be a problem anymore. Ever broke one or several nails trying to get said keys onto a key ring? Goodbye Manicure! I know, I know I’m getting annoyed just thinking about it.


Two Jays has the nail friendly key ring just for you designed by Alex Clark UK! Alex Clark is a British designer who is best known for her whimsical and quirky animal drawings that feature a dash of rosey cheek and an ear to ear smile to boot making these keyrings a huge hit. The diversity of her animal selections ensures that there is a key ring for any animal lover!

Each key ring comes with a unique, well-loved animal image in a clear resin dome with a 1.2" diameter and a silver metal chain 2.75" long.


If you think you have all the keyrings you need in life and are set…think again! Anyone else have a pile of keys from your friends and family for when you’re on pet feeding duty while they’re on vacation? Or are you planning to pass off a key to a friend to feed your own animals? Why not make it an obvious signature key by adding one of these adorable pieces? Way more adorable than the plastic dollar store keyring, am I right?!

Two Jays offers a variety of images like various dog breeds, ducks, birds, cats, giraffes……it’s basically a zoo here! Get them while it’s hot and in demand! Happy Shopping!

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