Carol Wilson's Rose Garden: A Glimpse into the Past

Do you secretly powder your wig, sing to the birds in the garden, and tell your French subjects to “Let Them Eat Cake”? Do you sit in our shabby chic sunroom with your fancy tea set and macaroons?  Are you convinced you were born in the wrong era?  Me too, but I don’t do any of the above because I didn’t use my adorable yet maximalist, overly feminine note cards to invite my posse over for said tea and macaroons. Or to tell them that they can eat that DANG CAKE!

The Carol Wilson Rose garden notecards on Two Jays, look like an antique treasure you found at a local market and are too afraid to use.  But, have no fear and seize the day; Two Jays is here to stop you from hoarding them. They must be used and without delay as they are too adorable and elegant not to share! These Boxed Note Cards are blank which make them extra special because they can be used for a variety of reasons! You get to bring the special to every card. Two Jays saves the day again!


Do you have a sewing/quilt enthusiast in your life? Well, there are 5 fetching notecard options that are sure to be a big hit since they themselves look like mini quilts. You’re definitely going to gain that new, homemade outfit or quilt you have wanted for so long! Okay, maybe not a whole outfit, but maybe some assistance hemming a pair of pants at the very least!

The vintage botanicals are so delicious looking. I swear you can smell the scent of the flowers right on the paper (maybe that’s just the rose perfume I sprayed on them). How darling are the tea sets and the kitty cats? “UGH, I can’t even” as the kids say.

Roses are red, Hydrangeas are blue. Hummingbirds fly low now hurry up and shop the entire list of Carol Wilson Note Cards on! Okay I know that didn’t rhyme but it was a pretty good attempt. I dare you to pick just one!